​​​​​​​​​​​​Update: Board of Directors approves historic changes to governance structure .

The International Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of labor trustees, management trustees and benefit plan administrators (salaried and contract) of multiemployer or single employer employee benefit plans in the United States and Canada. Professional advisors to employee benefit plans such as accountants, actuaries, attorneys, consultants and investment advisors serve as Advisory Directors.

The Executive Committee oversees the progress of projects and serves as the main conduit in channeling proposals for Board consideration.


(President and Chair of the Board)
Kenneth R. Boyd
President-Local 1546
International Vice President -
United Food and Commercial Workers
Chicago, IL

Thomas T. Holsman
Chief Executive Officer
AGC of California
West Sacramento, CA

Regina C. Reardon
Healthcare Strategies Inc.
Plymouth Meeting, PA

Thomas W. Stiede
Principal Executive Officer
Teamsters Local Union No. 703
Plan Manager
Chicago Area International Brotherhood of Teamsters
(I. B. of T.) Benefit Trust Funds
Local 703, International Brotherhood of Teamsters
(I. B. of T.) Grocery & Food Employees’ Trust Funds
Beer Industry-Local Union No. 703 Health and Welfare and Pension Funds
Downers Grove, IL

(Immediate Past President)
George R. Laufenberg, CEBS
Administrative Manager
New Jersey Carpenters Funds
Edison, NJ                   

(Past President)
Richard Lyall
President - RESCON Residential Construction
Council of Ontario
Metropolitan Toronto Apartment Builders Association
Vaughan, ON

(Canadian Sector Representative)
Joan S. Tanaka
Prudent Benefits Administration Services Inc.
Toronto, ON 

(Corporate Sector Representative)
Cindy L. Conway
Group Director Global Benefits
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
San Jose, CA

(Public Employees Sector Representative)
J. Sparb Collins, CEBS
Executive Director
North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System
Bismarck, ND

(Chief Executive Officer)
Michael Wilson
International Foundation of Employee
Benefit Plans
Brookfield, WI