Multiemployer Plans

Multiemployer Plans, Third Edition, RevisedMultiemployer Plans: A Guide for New Trustees
Third Edition, Revised

An Essential Guide for New Trustees

As a trustee, you have received an important honor and accepted a serious responsibility. Multiemployer Plans: A Guide for New Trustees, Third Edition, Revised provides an easy-to-understand view of multiemployer health and welfare and pension plans, and explains the important role you have in the management of these plans. The book introduces the terms and concepts you are expected to understand and offers practical tips for fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility.

Professional advisors who work with multiemployer plans will also find the book an invaluable guide to understanding the operation and management of multiemployer plans.

Every multiemployer plan trustee should have a copy of this book! In practical, easy-to-understand language, Multiemployer Plans explains the fiduciary duties and responsibilities accepted by trustees.

This Guide:

  • Covers the basics of how multiemployer plans are funded and administered
  • Explores the various decisions trustees face when managing a multiemployer plan
  • Introduces the plan documents, laws and regulations that impact plan design, funding and operation
  • Describes the basic reporting and disclosure requirements with which plans must comply
  • Identifies the professional advisors available to help trustees fulfill their fiduciary duties.

Throughout the book is advice on the documents new trustees should request and the questions they should ask of plan administrators and advisors to fully understand the plan for which they are responsible. Commonly asked questions from trustees are a part of each chapter.

As a trustee, you will influence the employee benefits provided to your co-workers and their families. Make sure you are prepared to fulfill your duty.

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"Nothing is more important to the future of multiemployer benefit plans than an educated and active board of trustees. Joe Brislin's book, Multiemployer Plans: A Guide for New Trustees, provides a remarkable foundation to start new trustees on their journey of leading these plans on behalf of participants."

Todd G. Helfrich
President and CEO
Eastern Contractors Association, Inc.

"Multiemployer Plans: A Guide for New Trustees serves as the ultimate guide for new trustees who want to be prepared, informed, independent plan representatives."

Wendell W. Young IV
United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 1776

"Joe Brislin, in keeping with his commitment to providing usable knowledge to Taft-Hartley Fund Trustees, has written an indispensable book. Multiemployer Plans: A Guide for New Trustees is a MUST READ for new trustees and serves as a resource guide and reminder for veteran trustees."

Roderick S. Bashir
SEIU-NIPF Master Trust

"Every new trustee should read this book from cover to cover. A trustee following Joe Brislin's words of wisdom will seldom go wrong."

David P. Dorsey
Managing Partner
Bond Beebe

About Joseph A. Brislin
Joe BrislinJoseph A. Brislin served 35 years as general counsel with Timber Operators Council, Inc., a forest products manufacturing employer association in Tigard, Oregon. He advised association members on all aspects of labor law and served as advisor and trustee to sveral health and welfare and pension funds in the forest products industry. Mr. Brislin earned his B.S.F. and master's degrees at the University of Washington and received his J.D. degree from the University of Oregon School of Law.​ 

As this book was being published, Joe Brislin passed away.  We are grateful for Joe's countless contributions toward the education of multiemployer plan trustees and administrators.