CEBS Exams Now Available With Computer-Based Testing!

You are now able to take your CEBS exam using computer-based testing (CBT) at Prometric Testing Centres in Canada and the United States. There will be numerous opportunities to test throughout the year with instant grade results. More details can be found here.

Apply for Exams

To apply for a CEBS exam, select a testing window in which you wish to take your exam and then make a testing appointment at one of the computer-based testing locations in Canada or the United States. See the CEBS News & Help section for Exam Tips.

Computer Based Testing—Prometric Sites

For complete address information, visit the Prometric site at

British Columbia

Vancouver, BC
Edmonton, AB
Calgary, AB
Saskatoon, SK
Winnipeg, MB
Hamilton, ON
London, ON
North York, ON
Ottawa, ON
Toronto, ON
Montreal, QC

Nova Scotia

Halifax, NS
St. John’s, NL

Additional Locations
in the United States

Presque Isle, Maine
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Troy, Michigan
Buffalo, New York
East Syracuse, New York
Rochester, New York
Erie, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Williston, Vermont
Spokane, Washington




Examination Options

  • Regular Examinations -- The fee is $380 per exam, or $355 if you are an active member of the International Foundation or ISCEBS.
  • Extension -- You may extend your examination to a future testing window with payment of a $125 extension fee. Payment of the fee must be received before the end of the testing window. To avoid a no show fee, please make sure you cancel any existing exam appointment with Prometric before applying for an extension. 
  • Retake --If you receive a non-passing grade, you may reapply for the exam at the reduced rate of $175.
  • Expired Eligibility-- If you do not transfer your examination and fail to take your exam before the eligibility period has expired, you must reapply for the examination at the full fee of $380 ($355 with discount).
  • No/Show-Late Cancel-- You are assessed a $75 penalty fee for lost computer time if you fail to cancel your appointment on time or arrive too late at the exam center. See the CEBS Examination Handbook for more information.
  • Exam Appointment Changes--You may reschedule or cancel an exam appointment by calling Prometric at (866) 793-2267 or online at using the Reschedule/Cancel option. Both are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There will be no charge to reschedule or cancel an exam appointment 13 or more business days before your scheduled test date. Rescheduling or canceling appointments between 3 and 12 business days before your scheduled test date will result in a $50 rescheduling fee assessed by Prometric.

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