Eight-Course Curriculum Model

Six Required Courses

GBA 1—Group Health Plan Design
GBA 2—Group Benefits Management
RPA 1—Retirement Plan Design
RPA 2—Retirement Plan Management 
CMS 1—Human Resources and Compensation Management
CMS 2—Compensation Concepts and Principles

Two Electives

(Any two of the following CEBS courses)
RPA 3—Asset Management
RPA 4—Personal Wealth Management (exam available 4/15/2012)
GBA 3—Health Care Financing and Economics
CMS 3—Executive Compensation and Compensation Issues
PFP1—Personal Financial Planning 1: Concepts and Principles (for exams passed on or before 12/31/2011)
PFP2—Personal Financial Planning 2: Tax and Estate Planning Techniques (for exams passed on or before 12/31/2011)