This is a required course for the RPA and CEBS designations.

This course will be revised for fall 2017. If you have already purchased study materials, you will need to complete your exam in 2017.

The main focus of this course is on employer-sponsored retirement programs. Among the topics covered are the challenges facing individuals in preparing for retirement, the role and impact of employer-sponsored programs, the legislative environment in which they operate, the various types of programs available and the advantages and disadvantages of each, design considerations and issues relating to administration, communication, financial and investment management of plan assets for multi-employer plans and single employer plans.

Study Materials

  • Learning Guide (2nd edition), $185.00
  • Text: The Morneau Shepell Handbook of Canadian Pension and Benefit Plans (15th edition), by Whiston and Gottlieb, CCH Canadian Limited, North York, Ontario, 2013, $149.00
  • Readings Updates

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Assignment Topics

  1. Canada’s Retirement Income Programs
  2. Registered Pension Plans
  3. Non-RPP Registered Plans
  4. Income Tax Act Regulation
  5. Pension Standards Legislation
  6. Overview of Governance
  7. Funding Methods and Policy
  8. Financial Accounting of Plan Assets
  9. Investment Management
  10. Special Provisions: Multi-Employer Pension Plans
  11. Special Situations: Plan Terminations
  12. Special Situations: Surplus and Reorganizations
  13. Nonregistered Plans