RPA 2–Asset Management

RPA CEBS This is a required course for the RPA designation and can also be used as an elective course for the CEBS designation.   

This course is under review. If you have already purchased study materials, you will need to complete your exam in 2017.

Every person working with employee benefit plans should have an understanding of investment objectives, security markets, asset selection, investment timing, portfolio theory and evaluation of financial performance. This course provides a careful balance between academic theory and business practice. The course is based on sound modern theory, but the emphasis is on the practical application of important concepts.

Study Materials

  • Learning Guide (2nd edition), $185.00
  • Text: Fundamentals of  Investments, (Special CEBS edition) $94.50
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Assignment Modules

  1. Introduction to Registered Retirement Plan Asset Management
  2. Introduction to Investment Management
  3. Overview of Investment Choices
  4. The Stock Market
  5. Common Stock Valuation
  6. Stock Price Behaviour and Market Valuation
  7. Interest Rates
  8. Bond Prices and Yields
  9. Options
  10. Legal Considerations and Best Practices in Investment of DB RPP and CAP Assets
  11. Statement of Investment Policy
  12. Implementing the Defined Benefit Registered Pension Plan Investment Policy
  13. Implementing the Capital Accumulation Plan Investment Policy