Part-time Classes are available in Toronto, ON.  Each course typically includes 30-40 hours of instruction in addition to the study time. CEBS fees are separate and in addition to instructional fees paid to a university.

Why Enroll in a CEBS Class?

  • Structured Study—Classes offer a disciplined approach to studying the material and preparing for the national exams. Students may take a CEBS class to expand their professional knowledge in a specific area without working toward the CEBS designation.
  • Personal Attention—Classes provide access to an instructor with expertise in the subject matter. Many instructors are CEBS graduates.
  • Career Networking—Classes provide an excellent forum for exchanging ideas and a strong support network.

Who Enrolls in a CEBS Class?

  • New and potential entrants to the employee benefits field. The CEBS program provides a solid knowledge of the concepts and principles with which employee benefit plans are designed.
  • Experienced professionals. For those with experience, CEBS can give direction in areas where additional emphasis is needed.

CEBS Classes

Please contact  the local university coordinator for specifics on their classes, including start dates and tuition information.

Part-time CEBS classes available at:

Toronto, Ontario     
Seneca College     
Keith Chapin
(416) 491-5050 ext. 24043