In-house classes can be a valuable benefit for employees and their employer. Since on-site classes are more convenient, often more employees will participate. Two options are available for establishing in-house CEBS classes.

  • Company-coordinated classes are set up by a designated person within the company such as the training coordinator or the human resources manager. This company coordinator can work with the CEBS Department in securing an instructor, establishing a class schedule format, recording participation of students and securing study materials.
  • College/university-coordinator in-house classes are set up by both the company coordinator and the CEBS coordinator at a local educational institution where the CEBS program has an existing affiliation. The company enters into a contractual arrangement with the local CEBS educational institution to hire an instructor and have the CEBS class conducted in house.

For assistance in setting up the class, company information meetings, instructor referrals and class support materials:

Sandy Tellefson

Manager, Education Services