CEBS Registration, Exam and Online Study Application - [PDF version]:

Registration status enables you to apply for examinations and receive communications from the CEBS program. You must register either before or concurrent with your first exam, completing the "First Time Registrant" section of the order form. $155

Study Materials: (external link to Books for Business)

Different learning guides and textbooks are used for each course. Prices for study materials vary for each course. $185 - $395.90

Online Study:

Please note – you must apply for the corresponding exam when enrolling in an online study course. $205 per course

Exam Fee:

You must be registered in the CEBS program in order to file an exam application.  $405 each.

Exam Fee Discounts:

You are eligible for the exam discount if you are an active member of ISCEBS or the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans $380 each.

Exam Extension:

You may extend your exam to a future testing window. Payment of the fee must be received before the end of the testing window of eligibility. $125 per course

Exam Retake:

If you do not pass an exam, you may take another scheduled exam for that course upon submission of a new application form. $175

Exam Transfer Credit [PDF]:

You may earn up to two exam transfer credit from certain professional designations and courses. Official documentation from the sponsoring organization is required.
$125 per exam credit

No Show/Lost Computer -Time Fee:

If you miss your appointment, do not cancel your appointment on time or if you arrive too late for your appointment, you incur a fee for lost computer time. $75

Expired Eligibility:

If you do not extend your exam and fail to take it before the eligibility period has expired, you must reapply for the exam. Full exam fee applies – see above