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Testing Announcement: Enhanced Prometric security policies regarding eyewear and jewelry

Our testing partner, Prometric has recently implemented additional screening procedures for eyewear, jewelry and other accessories.  Please read the announcement below for complete details of the new policy.

Enhanced security policies to take effect in all U.S. Prometric Test Centers on October 15th, 2016

Prometric takes its role of providing a secure test environment seriously. Beginning on October 15th, 2016, Prometric Test Center Administrators (TCAs) will conduct stricter inspections of any and all eyeglasses, jewelry and other accessories to inspect for camera devices that could be used to capture exam content.

  • All candidates will be required to remove their eyeglasses for close visual inspection by a TCA.  These inspections will take a few seconds and will be done at check-in and again upon return from breaks.  
  • Jewelry outside of wedding and engagement rings is prohibited. Candidates should not wear other jewelry to the test center.  Medical alert bracelets are permitted and subject to inspection.
  • Hair accessories, ties and bowties are subject to inspection.  Candidates should refrain from wearing ornate clips, combs, barrettes, headbands, tie clips, cuff links and other accessories as they may be prohibited from wearing them in to the testing room and asked to store them in their locker.
  • If a candidate is caught with a camera device prior to entering the testing room, the Prometric TCA will confiscate the item and the candidate will not be permitted to test.
  • If a candidate is caught with a camera device while in the testing room, the TCA will confiscate the items and the exam will be terminated.

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Recent Course Revisions

  • Second Quarter 2015 - CMS 3 Executive Compensation was revised effective April 1, 2015.
  • Fourth Quarter 2014 - CMS 2 Compensation Concepts and Principles was revised effective October 1, 2014.
  • Fourth Quarter 2014 - GBA 3 Health Care: Financing, Quality and Reform was revised effective October 1, 2014.
  • Readings Update: required reading for RPA 4
    The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was adopted by Congress on January 1, 2013 to address key elements of the so-called fiscal cliff.  The act contained a variety of tax-related provisions.  The CEBS program has issued an update  entitled “Highlights of the American Taxpayer Relief Act.” This update is subject to inclusion on CEBS examinations.
  • The Supreme Court Decision on the Constitutionality of PPACA and its Effect on the CEBS Curriculum
    As most students are aware, the United States Supreme Court rejected constitutional challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). By doing so, the Supreme Court affirmed that Congress acted within its authority by imposing a penalty tax associated with an individual’s failure to purchase health insurance.  Though the Court found that such an individual mandate violates the Commerce Clause, the individual mandate was upheld by virtue of the taxing power of Congress.  In essence, the Supreme Court decision maintains the major provisions of PPACA as enacted in 2010 with one notable exception.  The Court struck down the Act’s Medicaid expansion provision and the impact of this part of the ruling is being reviewed.

    The current editions of CEBS courses involving health care (GBA 1, GBA 2 and GBA 3) were previously revised to include the legislated provisions for health care reform. In light of the Supreme Court decision, the current content of those courses and their related national examinations reflect existing law.
    Undoubtedly, there will be continued scrutiny of the lengthy Supreme Court opinion and regulatory activity related to interpretation of the PPACA and its clarification. The Wharton School will continue also its vigilance in reviewing pronouncements and regulations that can affect the CEBS curriculum.  If it becomes necessary to update courses and examinations at a future time, students will be advised of these updates and the effective dates for inclusion of this updated material on the national examinations.
  • CEBS Scholarships Available
    Some local ISCEBS chapters offer scholarships to help defray costs for students in their geographic area. If you are in the Central Ohio, Greater BostonMilwaukee or Oregon Cascades areas, visit the links above to learn more. Each chapter administers its award independently and eligibility criteria vary. Complete details are available by visiting the links above.
  • Exam Appointment Changes
    You may reschedule or cancel an exam appointment by calling Prometric at (800) 226-7955 or online at using the Reschedule/Cancel option. Both are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Effective April 2012 there will be no charge to reschedule or cancel an exam appointment 13 or more business days before your scheduled test date. Rescheduling or canceling appointments between 3 and 12 business days before your scheduled test date will result in a $50 rescheduling fee assessed by Prometric. See the CEBS Examination Handbook for more information.
  • Recent changes to health care reform and the GBA curriculum
    Recent changes to health care reform, including the repeal of the employee voucher provision and the halting of the CLASS program, enacted after the courses' publication are listed here. The corresponding examinations also reflect these changes.
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