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 ATMS® - Advanced Trust Management Standards - Full Program

Thursday, April 11 - Sunday, April 14, 2013
Fairmont Royal York, Toronto, ON

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ATMS is an assessment-based program that will expand upon the four key knowledge areas covered in the Foundations of Trust Management Standards (FTMS) program (Legal, Administration, Governance, Funding/Investment/Finance), adding breadth and depth across all four, and deepening the pension and health and welfare applications as well as developing related skills.

Attendance required. To earn credit toward the ATMS certificate, you must be present for the entire program, including all case study group work. Please make your travel plans accordingly.

Course Objectives


  • Understand sources of law applicable to trusts—constitutional, legislative, common law.
  • Identify problems and issues that can arise when legal duties conflict.
  • Understand Pensions Benefits Act (PBA) standards and their application to modern plan governance.
  • Recognize potential legal problems that have arisen from trustee decisions (cases).
  • Apply requirements, modern governance and best-practice principles to identify risks and propose actions to address.


  • Outline the benefits of sound risk management process.
  • Identify major risks trustees face in the current benefits environment and provide examples of indicators.
  • Identify models, best practies, tools and sources of data that help mitigate risks and contribute to a formal risk management plan/process.
  • Apply risk managemnet analysis to gain insight into plan risks and actions to mitigate them.
  • Explain the significance of competencies and personal bias on effective board process.


  • Explain the significance of the interrelationships amoung benefit design, funding and investment policy decision making on effective management of all types of trusts/plans.
  • Outline and apply steps in the funding policy cycle to both pensions (DB and DC) and health and welfare plans.
  • Describe the significance of governance to trustee decision making related to trust/plan funding, investment and finance.
  • Identify key sources of financial information that support decision making.
  • Apply relevant legislative requirements, modern governance and best practices to identify funding and investment issues and propose actions to address.


Governance is a key knowledge area for effective management of trusts. While there is not a separate session devoted to the topic, governance considerations will be discussed throughout the ATMS curriculum.


Before enrolling in ATMS, you must

Course Structure

Day One: 8:15 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Days Two, Three and Four: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Continuing Education

RIBO credit is not available for this program.

For inquiries regarding continuing education (CE), please contact the Foundation’s CE department at (262) 786-6710, option 2; or email

Program Questions

For more information about this new program, contact Tiffany Ulbing at
ph. 262-373-7652 or

Hotel Information

We are no longer handling reservations for this program.

The Fairmont Royal York

Please contact the Fairmont Royal York Central Resservations @ 800-441-1414 for new reservations and changes. Rooms and rate based on availability.

Who Should Attend

ATMS is recommended for advanced-level, appointed and elected multi-employer, public and corporate sector plan trustees as well as benefit office staff. It is important to note that the new ATMS curriculum is for trustees of all types of funds. Breakouts for case studies will allow for analysis and application of the specifics of health and welfare or pension trust fund management.

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