Member-Get-a-Member Challenge

Invite a colleague to become an International Foundation member and you'll both enjoy an extra perk of being Smart by Association!

As a member of the International Foundation, you are connected to resources and networking opportunitites that help to continually build your knowledge. Share your positive membership experiences with colleagues and encourage them to join. You will both be rewarded!

For each member you recruit, you can choose your reward with your iTunes®* gift card--good for purchases on the iTunes Store®, iBooks®, App Store and Mac Appstore! AND, the new member you recruit will also get a $25 iTunes® gift card!

You Recruit New Members... We Dish Out the Gift Cards...
Recruit one new memberGet one $25 iTunes® gift card for yourself and one for the new member you recruited.
Recruit two new membersGet another $25 iTunes® gift card for yourself, and your new member.
Recruit three or more membersKeep the first two $25 iTunes® gift cards you received AND get a $75 iTunes® gift card for each subsequent member you recruit! Each member you recruit will receive a $25 iTunes® gift card.
NO LIMIT!The more you recruit, the more you earn!

So many gift much to buy. Imagine what you could purchase with your earnings. The more you recruit, the more you'lll have to spend!

* Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion and iTunes® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Here's how it works

When you recruit a new member, you will instantly be sent a $25 iTunes® gift card. Recruit a second member and you'll quickly receive a second $25 iTunes® gift card. When you recruit a third new member, your next gift card will TRIPLE to a $75 iTunes® gift card! Every additional member you recruit will also entitle you to a $75 iTunes® gift card. Each new member you recruit will receive a $25 iTunes® gift card.

Set your goal and work on your member recruitment. You will enjoy your shopping spree with your Visa Gift Card, redeemable anywhere that Visa is accepted.

Spend your iTunes® gift card anyway you want, music, books, apps and more. Look for your gift card in your e-mail box and download the code provided to add the money to your iTunes® account.

To get involved, read the rules and complete the application form.