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​​​  Benefits Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers benefit issues affecting multiemployer, single employer and public employee plan representatives. Health care, retirement, financial literacy and other related trends are addressed. The magazine includes cases studies and profiles of those shaping the industry, as well as Legal & Legislative Reporter. It is available free to members of the International Foundation and also by subscription.

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August 2014

Articles include:
  • Using Data to Drive Decision Making
  • Overcoming Employee Disengagement
  • Wait and See: Assessing the Impact of Health Care Reform on Workers’ Compensation
  • Financial Stress: A Workplace Epidemic
  • The Art of Surviving IRS and DOL Audits
  • Fiduciary Liability for Unpaid Employer Contributions
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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July 2014

Articles include:
  • Model Portfolios: Helping Educators Make Objective DC Plan Decisions
  • Avoiding Costly Data Breaches Requires Business Associate Management
  • Benefits Gone Mobile
  • Are Your Service Providers Fiduciaries of Your 401(k) Plan?
  • Multibalanced Model: The Missing Link in Investment Approaches?
  • Taft-Hartley Health Funds Face Many Challenges, Including ACA
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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June 2014

Articles include:
  • High-Quality Communication Critical for Advanced Illness Patients
  • Rethinking Phased Retirement
  • Look Before You Leap: How Calm Is the Water in a “Hybrid” Pool?
  • Red Flags for Trustees: Detecting Weak Points in Your Fiduciary Armor
  • From Sow’s Ear to Silk Purse: Transformation of the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System
  • Government-Mandated Reporting Under ACA: A New Definition of “Simple”
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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May 2014

Articles include:
  • 6 Tips for Creating a Social Media Policy
  • Are Your Pharmacy Benefits Being Adjudicated Properly? A PBM Audit Can Tell You
  • Can Asset Returns Carry Their Weight in Your DB Plan?
  • Smart Technology Lessens Burdens of ACA Compliance
  • Finding the Right Spending Account for Public Plans
  • Disability Income Insurance: What Type of Coverage Is Best for Employees?
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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April 2014

Articles include:
  • Is Your Pension Plan Measuring Up?
  • Variable Annuity Pension Plans, an Emerging Retirement Plan Design
  • Work Options That Improve Retirement Security
  • Multiemployer Plan Collections—A Refresher and Guide
  • Internal Controls 101—Working With Your Auditor
  • Adapting Plans to ACA and ACA to Plans: A Multiemployer Work in Process
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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March 2014

Articles include:
  • Quality and Appropriateness Can Help Contain Health Care Costs
  • The Sun Sets on Certain PPA Provisions (But Which Ones Exactly?)
  • When Can I Self-Correct an Error in a Qualified Retirement Plan?
  • Ethics and Fiduciary Issues for Pension Trustees in a Changing Environment
  • The Power of Health Claims Technology
  • Assignment of ERISA Health Care Claims
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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February 2014

Articles include:
  • Choice Architecture: A Tool for Ratcheting Up Benefit and Wellness Results
  • Financial Literacy Education Can Protect Workers’ Welfare
  • Creating Engaging Wellness Programs Beyond the Corporate Setting
  • Court Decisions Expand Ability to Collect Withdrawal Liability
  • 5 Myths of ADAAA Compliance
  • Competitive Health Care Plans: Looking Beyond Price
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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January 2014

Articles include:
  • Harnessing the Power of Health and Wellness Programs: Multinational Strategies
  • The Importance of Data and Education to Manage Health Plans
  • Good Health Can Be Contagious
  • mHealth and Pediatric Chronic Conditions
  • Workplace Absence: Least-Examined Area of Benefits Program May Be Costly
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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