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Employee benefit professionals are facing a benefits landscape that changes daily. The International Foundation’s research efforts provide pertinent information to enhance the capacity of members and other constituents to make critical decisions. Surveys include difficult-to-find details, and strategies and tactics that have been successful when addressing the challenging benefits environment.

Specially marked surveys are free to members. Click on the desired title to read more about the survey.

Benchmarking and Hot Topic Surveys   

Research Services

  • Research Assistance -- An exclusive member benefit The Information Center offers members flexibility in determining the type of research assistance preferred; whether you prefer self-serve access available anytime, or would rather ask an Information Specialist to do the research and send an e-mail response.
  • Collaboration & Presentations The Foundation is always interested in working collaboratively with external organizations to develop research products and services. We also embrace opportunities to share our knowledge with others by presenting research findings at meetings and conferences. For additional information on these research services, please contact Julie Stich, CEBS,  Director of Research.

Collaboration The International Foundation undertakes joint projects with external organizations including university-based, nonprofit and corporate researchers. We welcome opportunities to work collaboratively on research products and services in the areas of benefits, compensation and financial literacy. The International Foundation seeks and responds to calls for research and program proposals, and funding for projects in these areas as well.

Presentations The International Foundation embraces opportunities to present research findings to external organizations via presentations at meetings or through print and other educational media.