Apprenticeship Program Answer Guide


Welcome to the Apprenticeship Program Answer Guide. This exciting new online resource is designed to be a quick reference for apprenticeship program coordinators, trustees and directors, and other interested constituents whenever a question arises. With a focus on practicality, the guide addresses apprenticeship program topics from top to bottom, with subjects ranging from recruiting to audits to trends and more. Because the guide is entirely online, it offers dynamic content that is always current. The Foundation encourages user input on additional questions that would be of interest—this guide is for you, and we look forward to making it the go-to answer source for all of your apprenticeship program questions.

Apprenticeship Plans in General

Setting up an Effective Apprenticeship Plan

Recruiting Great Apprentices

Ensuring Instructor Quality

Keeping Great Apprentices

Running an Apprenticeship Fund

DOL Audits of Apprenticeship Funds

Financial Issues Relating to Apprenticeship Funds

Apprenticeship Fund Pitfalls

Apprenticeship Program’s Role as an Employer

Trends in Apprenticeship Programs


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