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Mountain Health Co-op & Montana Health Co-op (MHC)


Helena, MT (Headquarters) & Boise, ID

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Are you an Executive Level Professional looking for an opportunity to improve your community? Maybe you are that Health Care Insurance Expert, or the master of all things ACA we are looking for currently. Further, and better yet you like not managing, but leading talented teams, and taking on mission driven challenges. If any of this is familiar and sounds like a fit for you, we should chat! This may be that opportunity you have been looking for.

Career Opportunity: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Organization: Mountain Health Cooperative & Montana Health Cooperative (MHC)
Location: Helena, Montana (headquarters) & Boise, Idaho
Compensation: Highly competitive salary with bonus opportunities, plus a comprehensive benefits package!

Note: Associated Employers is leading the recruitment for MHC’s next CEO | To learn more: Email Ryan at; Better yet give me a call at (406) 248-6178

SUMMARY / OBJECTIVE: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the operating head of the organization and is accountable for all operations of the organization. The CEO implements the strategic objectives of the non-profit Cooperative organization, enables the Board to fulfill its governance function, and gives direction and leadership to achieving the organization’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and its goals and objectives. MHC’s CEO will perform leadership duties with the goal of maintaining and growing the co-op business operations. This will involve planning, directing, or coordinating operational activities at the highest level of management with the help of subordinate executives and staff managers. The CEO will lead and direct MHC's financial budgeting activities to fund operations, maximize investments, and increase efficiency. Analysis of MHC’s full operations and staff is a critical CEO function, to determine areas for potential cost reduction, program improvement, or policy change. To ensure continuing operations, and to maximize returns and productivity, the CEO will direct, plan, and implement policies or initiatives for both Idaho and Montana Business operations. A key goal for the CEO is to unify and engage both office locations of MHC (Montana- and Idaho-based operations) to operate and function as a single organization, while providing state specific products and services for MHC members in those respective areas.


MHC is a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) health insurer with Annual Billable Premiums equating to $230 million, insuring over 50,000 lives. MHC’s operating budget is $31 million+. The CEO supports three (3) direct reports, and oversees a total of 26 employees (Helena: 16, Boise: 10).


A visionary, with ability to recognize and forecast shifts and trends in the healthcare insurance industry; develop organizational strategies and plans around that vision; seek commitment from key stakeholders; effectively communicate the vision to guide others in their actions.

An innovator, capable of developing novel approaches to feasibly deliver healthcare insurance products and services.

A proven, experienced senior executive, demonstrating an expert level of current knowledge and understanding with the Health Insurance business and the Affordable Care Act’s interactions, and impact this has with insurance coverage options.

Demonstrates and delivers calmness and stability, especially when under pressure.

A team builder, providing strong leadership and management in formulating and implementing strategies to maintain & grow a health care co-op.

Generates a positive rapport throughout entire organization, inspiring and gaining the trust of staff, board members, various groups, health care providers and stakeholders.

Demonstrates accountability to a governing board and member-based organization.

Understands challenges and limitations with the health care industry and has a vision for how health care coverage can be leveraged to improve quality and control costs.

Is politically savvy, remains up-to-date and current on political and regulation changes. Is a leader with outreach and negotiation efforts across a variety of political and regulatory entities.

Entrepreneur, self-starter, and motivated to lead teams through a participatory, hands-on approach. An individual that strives to bring out the best in themselves and the organization.


Provides appropriate physical presence and oversight in both the Montana and Idaho locations as reasonably required to engage with staff, and fully integrate and coordinate business operations.

Promotes a culture that reflects the organization’s values, encourages superior performance and rewards productivity.

Leads MHC’s senior management team and ensures the team has sufficient and up-to-date information and resources.


A. 15 years of successful work experience within the health care insurance industry with current understanding of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

B. A minimum of five (5) years’ service in each of the following:

1-A senior management role.

2-Overseeing/managing legal affairs, fiduciary responsibilities and finances of a similarly sized company.

3-Established work history of providing exceptional fiscal management and/or guidance; including an understanding of health insurance financing and risk-based capital.

4-Experience in health insurance network management and experience in the reinsurance arena.


A. Undergraduate degree is preferred, with training in health care administration, public health, business admin. or related areas (or equivalent number of years’ experience in related fields).

1-Graduate degree in a related field (also preferred).

We are MISSION Driven!

Mission: We offer non-profit, member-governed health insurance that promotes member engagement and provides access to high quality medical care.

We have a VISION!

Vision: Champion a more innovative, member-centric healthcare delivery system by promoting the triple aim where providers are engaged to improve population health, improve individual healthcare, and control healthcare spending.

We attend to our VALUES!

Core Values: Customer focus - Communication - Quality - Integrity - Responsibility - Respect - Credibility - Innovation - Teamwork

MHC is a Consumer Operated and Oriented health insurance Plan offering quality, affordable plans accepted by doctors and hospitals across the two great states of Montana and Idaho. We use the profit we earn to lower prices or provide additional benefits for members. In order to maintain lower premiums, MHC monitors and controls administrative cost for our members. We have survived and grown through the ACA regulation changes and market fluctuations, recently experienced our best year in multiple areas, and are confident about being a stable insurance provider and mainstay in the region’s health care insurance market.

For more information and to be considered for this leadership opportunity, contact Ryan by phone at (406) 248-6178 or by email at

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