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Founded in 1943, WAEPA is a non-profit 501(c)9 VEBA which provides Group Term Life Insurance, other insurance benefits and Financial Planning for Civilian Federal Employees. WAEPA was founded by the leadership of Federal departments and agencies to serve the federal community and to this day, its Board of Directors are all senior executives actively engaged in federal service. Serving more than 44,000 members across all levels and agencies, their Group Term Life Insurance is underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company. WAEPA’s work has touched more than 100,000 people – with insurance value exceeding $10 billion. WAEPA also partners with Ernst & Young and the National Institute of Transition Planning Inc. to provide state-of-the-art financial planning services.

WAEPA is going through an active period of change as it explores new ways to grow and serve its members. The organization is constantly reviewing and embracing new services, new insurance product offerings, and expanded methods of distribution.

The IT organization within WAEPA has grown in the past few years due to the growth of the organization and its increasing dependence on technology to execute its Strategic and Business Plans.

The CIO’s role is to provide vision and leadership for developing and implementing secure information technology systems that align with the mission of WAEPA. The CIO directs the planning and implementation of all IT systems in support of WAEPA’s operations.

The primary responsibility of this position is to increase the use, visibility, and functionality of its data technology infrastructure so it can support growth in its existing product lines, as well as adding new products and services in the future.

WAEPA’s life insurance and membership services are projected to grow significantly over the next several years. Much of the existing network and security platforms have been significantly improved and poised to support the organizational growth needs. One area of significant opportunity will be assisting WAEPA’s desire to become a data driven organization as a means to improve internal business analytics and consequently, services to its members.


The CIO is responsible for executing existing and developing new technology strategies for WAEPA.

• Conduct strategic analysis for key business applications, and providing recommendations for improvement.
• Ensure the security of regulated and unregulated data of members and WAEPA corporate systems in a HIPAA environment handling PHI and PII.
• Develop strategic plans and operational governance of WAEPA technology.
• Plan, implement, and monitor changes in data gathering, storage, interoperability between partners (particularly insurance companies and financial service companies), and infrastructure configurations.
• Create a strategic plan focused on “big data.”
• Establish technology policies, standards, practices, and activity measurements.
• Plan, analyze, and implement technology projects to achieve greater agility.
• Research emerging trends and determine applicability to WAEPA.
• Develop, modify, and where necessary improve and oversee the implementation of the WAEPA technology strategic plan.

The CIO is responsible for the day-to-day management of all WAEPA technology assets, including hardware, software, and technology human capital. The two highest operational priorities for the CIO are to insure the security of WAEPA’s technology and data, particularly customer PII and PHI.

• Certify the integrity of the technology security program.
• Ensure that the IT Department is a proactive business partner of WAEPA.
• Develop an intuitive member portal and address the conversion from the existing Microsoft CRM to a new purpose-built insurance plan administration platform.
• Work with the WAEPA security engineer to improve and implement/monitor the WAEPA enterprise security framework.
• Evaluate, hire and manage IT vendors and third-party resources.
• Work with other internal and external stakeholders to constantly implement state-of-the-art webtools and member facing website.
• Direct IT staff through hiring, training, guiding, and mentoring.
• Lead Technology research and development projects.
• Manage IT budget, technology procurement process, and inventory controls.
• Provide the Board of Directors and the Information Technology Committee with regular updates.

Note: while strategic thinking and planning is critical, the CIO’s role is indeed “hands on” managing an IT staff of five people.

• Relationships with Board members and staff will be developed resulting in a continued confidence in the IT organization.
• The new Plan Administration software will have been successfully implemented (kickoff was Jan 2018).
• The new Member Portal website will be up and running.
• The development of an IT Road map or departmental strategic plan (18 and 36 months).
• A data analytics platform to aid in WAEPA's transformation into a data driven organization. (Microsoft Business Intelligence or other) will have been implemented.


• Minimum of 10 years of leadership experience in all phases of IT operations (infrastructure, desktop support, help desk management, application support, security, server management, telephony), with a specific focus on compliance with regulated and unregulated data.
• Experience directing small teams of employees and consultants.
• Comprehensive knowledge of technology industry trends.
• Extensive experience in strategic planning and implementation.
• Knowledge of a variety of legacy and current infrastructure and technology stacks.
• Experience with CRM systems, the practical application of “big data” for process improvement, marketing, and customer service and plan administration software.
• Strong vendor management skills, including ability to negotiate and manage vendor and consulting relationships.
• Experience reviewing, evaluating, managing and approving hardware, software and IT service contracts.
• Understanding of challenges and security needs regarding data flows between organizations in a secure environment.

• Energetic and willingness to “roll up their sleeves,” while being strategic, long-term thinker.
• Broad knowledge of technology systems, concepts and methodologies.
• Transformative executive, looking to implement technological changes.
• Ability to mentor, communicate, inspire, and motivate staff regardless of seniority.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Ability to think and act strategically and nimbly.
• Ability to communicate technical concepts to technical and non-technical audiences.
• High degree of interpersonal management skills.

• BS Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Information Technology
• Master’s Degree, PMP, or CISSP certification preferred

Competitive salary depending on experience. Benefit package includes company paid life and health insurance, as well as generous retirement plan contribution.

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