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Responsible for all aspects of the Pension Department including timely and accurate administration of pension benefits for 18,725 participants and beneficiaries in accordance with the Pension Fund Plan Document, federal regulations and Fund Office policies and procedures.

Management includes supervision of employees, staff training, establishing, monitoring and maintain internal controls and performance reviews. Reports to the Fund’s Executive Director.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• Supervise department and staff training including review of benefit accounts.
• Responsible for appropriate audit and control procedures for benefit payments to Fund members. This includes verification of final benefit calculations, benefit adjustments and monthly and mid-month check runs.
• Responsible for development of workflows and documentation of administrative procedures.
• Prepare and review appropriate reports and documents for Pension Fund Trustee meetings. Presents pension report to Trustees and handles any tasks assigned by Trustees.
• Oversee the Disability Pension Benefit Application process, including correspondence with participants, medical care providers and Fund Counsel.
• Responsible for providing plan data to Fund Actuary for preparation of annual Actuarial Valuation and any other data requests for the Pension Plan.
• Oversee all member mailings including annual member statements and correspondence.
• Scheduling member’s education training for all contributing employers.
• Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director to support the goals of the Funds.

Supervisory Responsibilities:
• Education and training of Pension Team members
• Prioritizing department workload, including final benefit (pension payments), estimate calculation, closed facility review, miscellaneous correspondence, special mailings
• Oversee pension estimate calculations for active and terminated members

Job Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent related experience required
• Extensive knowledge of employee Pension Fund plans, specifically Defined Benefit Plans
• Expertise in Microsoft Office; Excel, Word
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Must have high ethical standards and high level of interpersonal skills to handle sensitive and confidential situations
• Must be able to interact and communicate with members and Fund staff at all levels in a professional manner
• Must be able to adapt to ongoing administrative, plan and regulatory changes
• Must be detail oriented, flexible and able to work independently
• Knowledge of ERISA and Self-Funded Plans
• Some travel is required

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