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Benefits Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers benefit issues affecting multiemployer, single employer and public employee plan representatives. Health care, retirement, financial literacy and other related topics are addressed. The magazine includes cases studies and profiles of those shaping the industry, as well as Legal & Legislative Reporter.

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December 2017

Articles include:
  • Setting Up for Success: Wellness Strategies for Multiemployer Plans
  • Direct Contracting and Bundling: Remedies for Rising Health Care Costs?
  • Designing a Workplace Financial Wellness Program
  • Ten Ways to Manage Responsibilities With Terminated Vested Participants
  • Filling in the Gaps: Helping Employees Plan Better for Retirement
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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November 2017

Articles include:
  • Harvesting the Potential of Private Investments
  • Large Taft-Hartley Defined Benefit Plans: Did Larger Equity Allocations Pay Off Again?
  • eACOs: Fixing the Broken Triangle in Health Care
  • Millennials and Money: Five Steps for Helping Younger Employees
  • Changing Roles in the Modern Fund Office
  • Collaborative Care: Working Together to Address Mental Health
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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October 2017

Articles include:
  • Domestic Impact Investing
  • Confronting and Surviving Insolvency: A Guide for Multiemployer Pension Plans
  • Employers Are Getting Educated on Student Loan Benefits
  • Cybersecurity: The Next Steps for Protecting Your Plan
  • Managing the Impact of State and Local Leave Laws
  • Can Technology Improve Health Care Decisions?
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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September 2017

Articles include:
  • Anatomy of a Benefit Appeal: Best Practices for Plan Sponsors
  • Out-of-Network Emergency Claims: How to Avoid Surprise Bills
  • Getting Started With ESG: Six Steps for Defined Contribution Plans
  • Is Your Workforce Worried About Money? A Financial Wellness Program May Be the Cure
  • Building a Worksite Wellness Program With Health Behavior Theories
  • Getting More From Health Screenings
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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August 2017

Articles include:
  • Pharmacogenetics: Is Personalized Medicine in Your Plan’s Future?
  • Understanding Reciprocity Agreements
  • Telepsychiatry: Delivering Convenient and Private Behavioral Health Services
  • Do Your Homework to Ensure Savings and Value From Health Care Coalitions
  • When a Union Is Decertified: How Can a Fund Collect What’s Due?
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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July 2017

Articles include:
  • A Practical Guide to Implementing Unlimited PTO
  • Alternative Pension Strategies: Tackling the Challenges of Traditional Plan Designs
  • The Rise of the Mobile Devices— Putting Benefit Communication in Your Participants’ Hands
  • Collective Investment Trust Funds— A Primer
  • Running an Apprenticeship Fund Like a Business
  • Helping Employees Cope With Workplace Trauma
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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June 2017

Articles include:
  • Finding and Preventing Prescription Drug Fraud
  • Leveraging Grants for Training Funds
  • Specialty Drugs: Four Options for Managing Costs
  • Delivering Bad News
  • Grades Aren’t Just for Providers: Measuring Consumerism to Improve Health Care Strategy
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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May 2017

Articles include:
  • Do What You Can: Investment Ideas for a Low-Return World
  • Cyberattacks on Benefit Plans: The Risks and Liabilities of Data Breaches
  • Managing the Transition in the Post– Go-Live Environment
  • Managing the Future: Technology Developments for Benefit Funds
  • Reviewing and Negotiating Alternative Investments for ERISA Plans: An Update
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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April 2017

Articles include:
  • Becoming Experts on Monitoring the Experts
  • The 401(k) Litigation Proliferation
  • New Requirements Aim to Increase Apprenticeship Diversity
  • Taking a New Look at Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans
  • Administrative and Patient Support Services: Clearing the Path to Preventive Care
  • Succession Planning for Boards of Trustees—Is Experience the Deciding Factor?
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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March 2017

Articles include:
  • Group Captives: Are They Right for You?
  • Follow the Money: Challenges for Trustees After Montanile
  • Choosing a PBM: Is Your Plan Asking the Right Questions?
  • Social Security, Medicare and Working Past 65
  • The Role of the Audit Committee
  • A New Age in Caregiving Benefits
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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February 2017

Articles include:
  • Telehealth Benefits on the Rise Despite Low Employee Utilization
  • Follow the Money: ERISA Reimbursement Tactics One Year After Montanile
  • Time Is Money for Women and Their Retirement Planning
  • Five Keys to Communicating Health Benefits
  • Making Sense of the Evolving World of Benefits Administration
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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January 2017

Articles include:
  • Navigating Challenging Markets When Relocating Employees
  • Prescription Coverage Savings: Easy to Find if You Just Look for Them
  • The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act: Does Your Plan Comply?
  • Moving Beyond the Hype: Choosing a Wellness Vendor That Gets Results
  • Redefining Instruction in Apprenticeship Training
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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