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Benefits Magazine is a monthly magazine that covers benefit issues affecting multiemployer, single employer and public employee plan representatives. Health care, retirement, financial literacy and other related topics are addressed. The magazine includes cases studies and profiles of those shaping the industry, as well as Legal & Legislative Reporter.

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January 2017

Articles include:
  • Navigating Challenging Markets When Relocating Employees
  • Prescription Coverage Savings: Easy to Find if You Just Look for Them
  • The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act: Does Your Plan Comply?
  • Moving Beyond the Hype: Choosing a Wellness Vendor That Gets Results
  • Redefining Instruction in Apprenticeship Training
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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December 2016

Articles include:
  • Expanding the Definition of “Sex Discrimination” in Health Care: Transgender Health Benefits
  • Reimbursement of Trustee Expenses
  • 6 Tips for Addressing Employees With Depression
  • The Millennials: Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks
  • Designing and Communicating Retirement Plans for “Humans”
  • Considerations for Funding a Corporate Pension Plan
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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November 2016

Articles include:
  • 8 Investment Questions Trustees Should Ask
  • Maintaining Fixed Income Objectives in Today’s Low-Yield Environment
  • Dividend Growth as a Defensive Equity Strategy
  • Large Taft-Hartley DB Plans: Did Larger Equity Allocations Finally Pay Off?
  • Successful System Implementation: A Fund Administrator’s Guide to Getting It Right
  • Listening to Longer Term Retirees
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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October 2016

Articles include:
  • Sleep—A Rising Star in Well-Being
  • Could Employers Improve Retirement Outcomes With Reverse Mortgage Education?
  • Are Your QDRO Practices Costing Your Plan Money?
  • DOL’s Final Conflict of Interest Rule: Impacts on Retirement Plan Education and Communications
  • Funding Improvement and Rehabilitation Plans 101
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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September 2016

Articles include:
  • EEOC Finalizes ADA/GINA Wellness Rules: New Requirements Imposed on Most Programs
  • The Top 10 ACA Traps for the Unwary
  • DOL’s Final Conflict of Interest Rule— Implications for Qualified Retirement Plans
  • Top 5 Errors Found in 401(k) Plan Audits
  • Financial Education Best Practices
  • Dental Benefits: A Standout Option
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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August 2016

Articles include:
  • Are You Paying a Huge Price for the Opioid Drug Abuse Epidemic?
  • Don’t Get Caught Without a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis
  • For Better Board of Trustees Meetings, Be Prepared
  • 1095 Reporting— What You Don’t Know Could Be Expensive
  • Strategies for Boosting Workers’ Financial Health
  • Give a Waning Wellness Program New Muscle
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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July 2016

Articles include:
  • Creating a Funding Policy
  • 5 FMLA Hot Topics
  • Helping Employees Manage Retirement Risks
  • Getting It Right the First Time—4 Tools for Evaluating Benefit Communications
  • More Places to Look for Fraud in a Benefit Plan
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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June 2016

Articles include:
  • 5 Health Risks Worth Targeting
  • Killing Engagement, Embracing Empowerment: A New Model of Employee Care for Chronic Conditions
  • Secure Choice: The Next Chapter in the U.S. Defined Contribution Story
  • Where Is Fraud Likely in Your Employee Benefit Plan?
  • How Hours Banks Work With Medicare
  • The Impacts of Financial Stress on Your Employees
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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May 2016

Articles include:
  • A Baker’s Dozen of Practical Ways to Reduce Medical Claims Costs
  • HR and IT Joining Forces Against Cyberattacks
  • Protecting a Global Workforce in a Changing World
  • Multinational Employers Need to Mind the Gap
  • Despite Reporting Requirements, Employers Confident in ACA Compliance
  • It’s Spring—Time for a Fresh Look at Saving for Retirement
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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April 2016

Articles include:
  • A Balancing Act: Deciding Whether to Pursue Benefit Reductions Under MPRA
  • The Privilege Challenge
  • Is a Private Exchange Strategy Right for Your Organization?
  • The Emerging Role of Provider-Owned Health Plans in Private Exchanges
  • Best Practices to Engage Employees in Voluntary Benefits Program
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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March 2016

Articles include:
  • Smart (and Legal) Maternity/Paternity/Parental Leave Policies
  • Selecting System Vendors: What to Consider
  • Retiree Health Exchanges Make Sense— But Which One?
  • How Mindfulness and Situational Awareness Training Help Workers
  • Branding Benefits: Apply the Four Ps of Marketing to Make Benefits More Engaging
  • 10 Things Your Employee Benefits Platform Should Do
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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February 2016

Articles include:
  • Creating Social Impact Through Responsible Investing
  • Building a Better Process for Target-Date Fund Selection
  • Benefits for Same-Sex Spouses After Windsor and Obergefell
  • What’s in Your Defined Benefit Pension Fund’s Wallet? (Psst . . . It Had Better Include Withdrawal Liability!)
  • MPRA Aims to Strengthen PBGC
  • Trust But Verify—Claims Audits
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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January 2016

Articles include:
  • Pension Plan Assumptions—The Importance of Getting It Right
  • CPA Said, TPA Said: Candid Comments About Coordinating Services
  • Tackling Internal Controls for Quality Plan Audits
  • Money Market Reforms Could Impact Your Retirement Plan
  • Redefining the OPEB Obligation for Governmental Plans
  • Legal & Legislative Reporter

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