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 9088 - The Responsible Investor Handbook

Figures, tables, and boxes

Forward by Richard L. Trumka

Responsible investment in the 21st century: foreword by Dr. Rory Sullivan



Seven drivers

Objectives of this Handbook

A note to trustees

   The importance of good capital stewardship

   The power of workers' capital

Key characteristics of responsible investments

Responsible investments, good corporate governance and rates of return


Section I: The momentum toward responsible investments

Responsible investment in the U.S.A.

The global responsible investment movement and the launch of the UN PRI

Section II: Pension fund management, governance and fiduciary considerations

Pension fund management

Pension fund structures and governance

Reclaiming fiduciary duty

Section III: Responsible investment approaches and asset allocation

Responsible corporate governance and active ownership

Investing responsibly across traditional asset classes

Responsible alternative investments

Section IV: Implementation and measurement

Selection and implementation of desires responsible approaches

Criteria for evaluating responsible investment performance

Conclusion: Renewing the real economy, restoring retirement trust


Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: Important links

Appendix c: Responsible investment support organizations

About the authors