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 9076 - 2017 Healthcare Reform Facts

List of Questions

Part I: Goals and Major Components of Healthcare Reform

Part II: Impact of Healthcare Reform on Employer Fringe Benefits

Part III: Timeline for Implementation of Provisions: What Needs to Be Done and When

Part IV: Health Reform Provisions That Have Been Repealed, Expired, or Not Implemented

Part V: Small Business Provisions

Part VI: Grandfathered Health Plans

Part VII: PHSA Coverage Mandates and Enforcement

Part VIII: Required Disclosures and Information Reporting

Part IX: Tax Increases and Revenue Raisers

Part X: State Insurance Exchanges (Marketplaces)

Part XI: The Employer Mandate


Model SBC and Uniform Glossary

U.S. Department of Labor Model Notices

Model Notice of Final Internal Adverse Benefit Determination

Model Notice of Adverse Benefit Determination

Model Notice of Final External Revision Decision

Employer Coverage Tool

FLSA with Plans

FLSA without Plans