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 9094 - Canadian Pensions and Retirement Income Planning


1 Overview
2 Definitions
3 Conceptual Overview of RRSP Contribution Rules
4 Detailed RRSP Contribution Rules
5 Introduction To Pension Adjustments and General PA Rules
6 Pension Adjustments for Defined Contribution RPPs and DPSPs
7 Pension Adjustments for Defined Benefit Plans
8 Pension Adjustments for Combination Plans and Hybrids
9 Pension Adjustments for Plans with Several Participating Employers
10 Past Service Pension Adjustments
11 Pension Adjustment Reversals
12 PSPA and PAR for Multi-Employer Plans
13 Introduction to Minimum Standards Legislation for RPPs
14 Tax-Sheltered Retirement Savings Vehicles
15 Pension Plan Valuation Concepts
16 Registration Rules for Money Purchase Plans
17 Registration Rules for Defined Benefit RPPs – Permissible Benefits
18 Registration Rules for Defined Benefit RPPs – Eligible Contributions
19 Registration Rules for DPSPs
20 Registration Rules for Combination Plans and Hybrids
21 Registration Rules for Multi-Employer Plans
22 Filing Requirements for RPPs
23 Pensions for the Highly Paid

1 Transition and Historical Rules
2 Tax Forms
3 Reference Data
4 Cross-reference to Income Tax Act (Canada) and Regulations

Topical Index