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Insurance Agents Licensing Regulations
made under subsection 5(3) and Section 52 of the Insurance Act
R.S.N.S. 1989, c. 231
O.I.C. 93-461A (May 31, 1993), N.S. Reg. 81/93
as amended up to O.I.C. 2011-110 (March 25, 2011, effective April 1, 2011), N.S. Reg. 90/2011

13.1  Every general insurance agency, or general insurance agent not representing an agency holding a general insurance license and receiving insurance premiums, shall file with the Superintendent within 120 days of the fiscal year end of the agency or agent a trust account reconciliation worksheet in Form 1 of these regulations in order to maintain the current status of their license.

13.2  Despite subsection (1), where a general insurance agent referred to in subsection (1) does not have a fiscal year end, the trust account reconciliation worksheet shall be filed by April 30th of the immediately following year.

13.3  Where the holder of a license referred to in subsection (1) fails to file the trust account reconciliation worksheet in compliance with this Section, the Superintendent may cancel the license.

13.4  This Section shall not come in force until the expiration of twenty-four months following the effective date of these regulations.

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