Frequently Asked Questions

How do these E-Learning courses differ from the Primer Courses and the Introduction Courses?

The format of these courses has changed to a sequenced, modularized format that highlights each of the key topic areas covered within the curriculum. New learning tools and more interactive content reviews have been added to enhance the individual’s educational experience. And finally, the modularized approach facilitates just-in-time learning and allows candidates to test their knowledge in each topic area as they proceed through the four course sequence.

What’s stayed the same?

You can expect the same great content including updates for 2016.

What if I need to meet the Proficiency Standards from CLHIA?

Those who work for a member company of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) and need to meet the Proficiency Standards will need to complete the fourth course in each series: The Life Cycle of a Group Benefits Plan for the group benefits area or The Life Cycle of a Group Retirement Plan for those in the retirement area.

How long will it take to complete a course?

You may work at your own pace, however most individuals will be able to complete a course in approximately 2-4 hours. You will have 180 days from the date you enrolled to complete the course and test.

Is there a test for each course?

Yes, each course includes a 25-question test in a multiple-choice format. There is a 75-minute time limit to complete each test.

What do I receive after I’ve completed a course?

A Certificate of Completion will be available to print after completion of each course. 

What if I’ve already taken a Primer or Intro course in the past?

As the content for the Primers and Intro courses have been repackaged into a modular format, you should not enroll in these e-learning courses.

Is CE credit available?

CE Credit has been applied for. Check the CE page for credit status.

What if I made a mistake while ordering?

See the Cancellation Policies page for how to cancel an order.