Earning Your ATMS™ Certificate of Achievement

​​To earn a Certificate of Achievement, you must complete four days of classroom instruction and successfully complete the accompanying test(s). You must be present for the entire four days of instruction, including all case study group work. Please make your travel plans accordingly. Those who do not successfully complete the test(s) will receive a Certificate of Attendance for full classroom participation.

The objective of the tests is to validate that trustees have:

  • An understanding of key knowledge areas required for the effective management of trusts 
  • The ability to find the answers they need and apply that information to a variety of scenarios.

The test(s) required for your ATMS Certificate of Achievement are included in the cost of course registration. The tests are online and open-book, and will be available for 60 days after course completion. A score of 70% or higher is required to pass the test. Should you not pass a test, you can retake it. One retake is included with your registration. Additional retakes can be taken for a fee. 

All test scores are confidential. The International Foundation will not notify your fund of your score; however, your board may have an educational policy that requires you to provide this type of information.  

ATMS Assessments Required

Participants will take either one or two tests, depending on the format they choose for their four days of classroom instruction. The content of the tests will be the same regardless of the classroom format chosen. 

Full Program Format
Those choosing to take their four days of course instruction in this format will take one 60-question test upon completion of the course to be eligible for the ATMS Certificate of Achievement.

Session A and Session B
Those choosing to take Session A and B will take two tests, each 30 questions, one after each Session, to be eligible for the ATMS Certificate of Achievement. When choosing this format, you must successfully complete the Session A test before enrolling in Session B.