Our professional and friendly staff is here to serve you. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance to you.

Certificate Series General Questions

Tiffany Ulbing
Director of Educational Programs
(262) 373-7652

Tiffany is the program director for all aspects of the Certificate Series. Please feel free to contact her regarding curriculum, instructors, dates and locations, or hosting courses at your location.

Certificate Series Registration Questions

(262) 786-6700, option 2

Any member of our dedicated and professional registrations department can assist you. We coordinate registrations for all Certificate Series programs and serve as our liaison to the appropriate hotels. We can answer your questions regarding registration for the Certificate Series courses or other Foundation programs, hotel accommodations, or meeting logistics.

Continuing Education Questions

Laura Scholz
Manager, Continuing Education

Laura oversees continuing education (CE) services for all International Foundation programs and courses. This includes seeking approval of Certificate Series courses when requests are received for continuing education credit, reviewing the CE attendance forms, issuing CE certificates and reporting credit to the appropriate regulatory agencies. She is assisted by Lyn Peterson, Senior Continuing Education Assistant. Please feel free to contact either Laura or Lyn regarding continuing education credit for your Certificate Series courses and/or other International Foundation courses or programs. 

Other IF Contacts


For more information on membership services, contact the Membership Department:

Call: (888) 334-3327, option 1
Fax: (262) 786-8670
E-mail: membership@ifebp.org


For information on the CEBS program:

Call: (800) 449-CEBS (2327), option 3
Web site: http://www.cebs.org
Fax: (262) 786-8650
U.S. E-mail: cebs@ifebp.org
Canadian E-mail: cancebs@ifebp.org

Online Training and Webcast Seminars

If you have questions about our On-Line Training or Webcast Seminars, contact Nick Olig (262) 373-7622 or e-mail nicko@ifebp.org.


If you have questions about Sponsorships or Exhibiting please contact Sandra Lange at (262) 373-7657 or by e-mail.