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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed in 2010 with the intent of making health care affordable and accessible for all consumers. This historic legislation has changed the health care industry and brought with it new compliance mandates for employers and individual consumers. This comprehensive course offers an introductory look at the main components of ACA and how they interact. This course will provide essential background on the law and helpful guidance on how to objectively advise consumers of their enrollment choices.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act
Explains the purpose and primary components of ACA and why the concept of risk pooling is important to ACA and other health insurance plans.

Lesson 2: Benefit Mandates
Defines the benefit mandates that apply to all health insurance plans and dives into the details of grandfathered vs. nongrandfathered plans.

Lesson 3 :Shared Funding Responsibility
Provides a thorough look at the details of the employer shared responsibility penalty and the individual shared responsibility penalty. Also defines important topics like employer size, full-time employees, minimum essential coverage and minimum value.

Lesson 4: Exchanges
Explains the different types of exchanges, including state-based and federally facilitated exchanges and public and private exchanges.

Lesson 5: Essential Health Benefits and Health Plan Structure
Defines the essential health benefits that must be covered by public exchange plans and the varying levels of coverage available.

Lesson 6: Advising Consumers
Discusses the different ways to advise consumers through the unique steps of choosing and enrolling in a health plan.

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