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63rd Annual Employee Benefits Conference

Sunday, October 22 - Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
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Conference begins in:

Trustees and Administrators Education and Networking

Certificate of Achievement in Public Plan Policy (CAPPP®) - Part II

Two-day workshop—Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22
Employee Health registration code: 1718H 
Employee Pensions registration code: 1718P​

Regarded as the educational benchmark of excellence in the public sector, the CAPPP​ program addresses core concepts and current trends in the legal, legislative, plan design and fiduciary aspects of public sector benefit plans. Faculty are practitioners in the public sector and provide rich and current examples from actual situations. Class size is limited to foster group discussion and a solid comprehension of the issues being addressed.


New Trustees Institute—Level I: Core Concepts

Two and a half-day workshop—Saturday, Sunday and Monday, October 21-23
Registration code: 17N8

Designed for Taft-Hartley trustees who have served for less than two years or who have not previously attended an International Foundation educational program. The New Trustees Institute is ideal for collective bargaining and other personnel who work with trustees and who would like a better understanding of their role and responsibilities. The institute’s highly rated faculty will return to lead the program. 


New Trustees Institute—​Level II: Concepts in Practice - SOLD OUT 
To be waitlisted contact Registration at (888) 334-3327, option 2 or email

Two-day workshop—Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22
Registration code: 17N9

This program explores how the concepts introduced in Level I apply to trust fund management, digging deeper into each area so trustees gain more confidence in their knowledge. Those completing Level II will have a greater understanding of their fiduciary responsibilities and will have a firmer overall grasp of trust fund management. Attendance of New Trustees Institute—​Level I: Core Concepts​ in strongly encouraged.  


Administrators Masters Program (AMP®)

Two-day workshop—Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22
Registration code: 17E2

The Administrators Masters Program (AMP) is designed for administrators and administrative staff who have five or more years of professional administrative experience. The objective of the preconference is to help attendees develop enhanced skills in leadership and management, communications and customer service, project management, and strategic dialogue that will make them even more effective in their current roles. Those who complete the program may attend the special sessions held exclusively for AMP graduates on Tuesday during the Annual Conference.

Trustees Masters Program (TMP) - SOLD OUT
To be waitlisted contact Registration at (888) 334-3327, option 2 or email

Two-day workshop—Saturday and Sunday, October 21-22
Registration code: 17D2

The Trustees Masters Program (TMP) is the pinnacle event for advanced-level trustee networking and education. Designed by trustees and practitioners in the field for trustees who have five or more years of experience, TMP is for serious-minded trustees who want to think and act more boldly, systematically and proactively. The curriculum builds on trustees’ existing knowledge base and experience through peer exchange and group exercises over an intense two days. If you have already completed the program, consider the TMP Advanced Leadership Summit on Sunday, November 13.        


TMP Advanced Leadership Summit

One-day workshop—Sunday ONLY, October 22
Registration code: 17D3

The TMP Advanced Leadership Summit is an exclusive program for trustees who have earned the TMP Certificate of Attendance and commemorative pin. The Summit offers an opportunity to further examine relevant topics critical to a fund’s overall strategy. What will trustee leadership look like in the future? What are the challenges and prospective solutions for forward-thinking organizations? The topic focus of the TMP Advanced Leadership Summit changes each year to reflect the most essential issues facing trustees today. Attendees of the Summit will earn two tickets toward the main conference certificate of attendance.​


Financial Pla​​​nning Workshops

Lifetime Retirement Planning—For Attendees Over 50     

Two-Day programSaturday and Sunday, October 21-22
Registration code: PC53/PC54

Planning for your future begins today. If you are aged 50 or older, the Lifetime Retirement Planning workshop is a tremendously good use of your time. The year 2017 will bring more changes to the way you think about and plan for retirement. Your multiemployer pension benefits could be reduced. 

Congress and the president want to reform Social Security and Medicare—How do you prepare for that? What market strategies make sense? Will you be dealing with an aging parent or an adult child as you approach retirement? With its timely, practical content and comprehensive scope, the Lifetime Retirement Planning workshop is one of the most popular preconference programs. It provides the tools to help you navigate a stronger and more secure future.

​​​Spouses/Guests may also attend the Lifetime Retirement Planning Workshops at a reduced price!

Use registration code: PC55/56

Lifetime Financial Planning—For Attendees Under 50  

One-Day programSunday ONLY, October 22
Registration code: PC30

Before and during retirement you must make many financial and nonfinancial decisions that will affect your economic and retirement well-being. This midcareer financial planning program has been designed for attendees between the ages of 35 and 50, providing the head start essential to the planning process.

The Lifetime Financial Planning Workshop will not only help you manage your personal financial plan and investments, but it will also teach you how to implement a program for your fund. This educational workshop offers useful timetables and checklists that will assist trustees and other multiemployer representatives in developing a financial planning program for fund participants with more than ten years until retirement.

​Spouses/Guests may also attend the Lifetime Financial Planning Workshops at a reduced price!

Use registration code: PC36         


One-Day Enrichment Workshops—Attend One or Both days!

Enrichment Workshops are $435 per day through September 10, 2017 and $585 per day after September 10.

Saturday October 21, 2017 ▪ 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.​

How Great Leaders Inspire Talent

Registration code: PC01

Employee engagement is paramount. Without it, organizations struggle and employees remain disengaged, operating on the low end of both performance and fulfillment. Research confirms only 29% of the workforce is “fully engaged,” meaning less than two-thirds of the workforce like what they do and feel supported, productive and rewarded. The solution to this dilemma? Inspired talent. Because truly engaged employees are those who are motivated, committed and fulfilled. Motivation comes from within. Commitment is a decision that is made. Fulfillment is the result. And none of these happen unless leaders inspire. THAT is the powerful external influence that drives employee engagement. 

In this presentation, Jason Young shows leaders seven keys to creating an environment where employees are inspired and engaged and can do their best work. He teaches that inspired talent is the result of proven leadership practices that lead people to their full potential and help them not just to survive but to thrive.

Jason Young
LeadSmart, Inc.


Negotiating the Difficult Conversations in Your Relationships

Registration code: PC03

In every relationship we have—at work, at home, in our communities—the possibility exists that we will have conflict, friction, disagreements or obstacles with effective communication. How do we handle these relationships so that we preserve what is essential and important to us while understanding the other person’s point of view and reaching some sort of realistic, workable solution? Are there templates, tools and techniques that will improve the likelihood of a better outcome? How can we get past a tough talk to restore trust and confidence with another person? Is there a way to take the emotional hurt out of a crucial conversation? This seminar will address these concerns and give you an opportunity to practice your new skills.

​Key Learning Objectives

In this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the dynamics that reside in conflict.
  • Focus on responsive, effective responses to dealing with difficult conversations and uncomfortable topics
  • Employ elements of critical thinking in preparing for a difficult conversation
  • Keep or restore essential trust in relationships
  • Use the components of the conflict cycle to gain better personal control over a difficult conversation
  • Use templates for who, how and when conflicts should be raised and addressed.

​Moira J. Kelly
Kelly Consulting LLC



Fighting Diabesity With Your Fork

Registration code: PC05


​The way we have been treating diabetes and chronic disease is not working. According to the American Diabetes Association, as of 2012 more than 29 million Americans have diabetes and another 86 million Americans have prediabetes. The impact on quality of life, cost of delivering care and the productivity of the workforce is staggering. And yet we can do something about this: Getting well starts with what we put on our plates. It is time to stop believing that obesity and type 2 diabetes are irreversible maladies.

​In this interactive session, we will begin with a presentation on diabesity: what it is, how it occurs and the role of prevention and treatment. We will discuss the fundamental flaw in our current approach to treating diabesity and the role of insulin in chronic disease. In addition, you will learn more about new research on effective therapeutic nutrition for type 2 diabetes. We will follow with discussions on how to address the issue of diabesity at the personal, wellness and organizational level. The session will close with an investigation of, and tutorial on, using tools at each of these levels.​


Desiree Nielsen
Registered Dietician, Author



Daily Reset Break

Registration code: PC07

Take control of your life every day using mindfulness to be less stressed and more productive. Since research has shown that stress is the basic cause for 60% of all disease and three out of four doctor’s visits are related to stress, it’s time we understand how critical it is to get a handle on our stress levels! Managing our stress is something that takes daily practice. We need to allow ourselves to take reset breaks to reboot our bodies, minds and spirits to be more productive and, most importantly, be well!

In this interactive mindfulness workshop, you will learn the tools and techniques you need to:

  • Fight fatigue, enhance focus and gain centeredness at home and at work
  • Reduce stress, increase your creativity and be more productive
  • Manage yourself better when triggered using emotional intelligence tools and techniques
  • Maximize your health naturally and nutritionally, finding your own healthy prescription for stress relief
  • Minimize afternoon crashes and cravings
  • Push through the distractions you face every moment of the day
  • Kick-start a new path to a healthy lifestyle in order to maximize your energy
  • Regain the ability to be present in order to cope with stresses that come your way.

​Tessa Todd Morgan

Certified Yoga Instructor, Professional Speaker/Trainer


Sunday October 22, 2017 ▪ 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

Change Influence in Uncertain Times

Registration code: PC02

Change is never easy, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult. In this session, Jason Young helps leaders understand the basis for accepting, embracing and leveraging any change—be it organizational, political, societal or environmental—to everyone’s benefit.

Participants will learn the critical foundation and tools for navigating the change process in a healthy manner. In addition to covering the foundational principles for change management, Jason will also address best practices and share a change model that will help leaders navigate and influence change effectively. Participants will come away with tools they can use in the workplace for communicating, coaching and resistance management—all crucial areas for change influence.

Jason Young
LeadSmart, Inc.


A Path for Successful Teams: People Management, Policy Development and Process Design to Move to Higher Performance

Registration code: PC04

There are three elements to high-functioning teams in organizations: people who know—and then do—their jobs; policies that are realistic, make sense and are enforced; and processes that make it easier for people to execute policies and performance so that the organization shines. In this interactive session, we will look at each of these key components, with an eye on how supervisors and managers can set a tone and example for maximum team output. We will focus on situations you are facing and talk about achievable, realistic solutions that work.

Key Learning Objectives

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The top 20 reasons your co-workers and teammates drive you crazy and what you can do about it
  • Specific tools to handle employee excuses
  • Better hiring practices to get better employees on your team
  • The difference between management and leadership
  • How, why and when to say no and mean it
  • How good process design makes work easier for everyone
  • Why policies are necessary and helpful
  • How to systematically create meaningful employee development plans.​

​Moira J. Kelly
Kelly Consulting LLC


Un-Junk Your Diet: How What You Put on Your Plate Determines Your Metabolic Fate

Registration code: PC06



Is our food killing us? Or are we killing our food? Our current food landscape has evolved to the point where much of what we eat is hyperprocessed assemblies of artificial ingredients. The average American eats only a handful of raw food materials, such as milk, wheat and soy, which are combined into a staggering array of tasty, cheap and almost addictive choices. As a result, we are facing epidemics of noncommunicable chronic disease that are unprecedented in our history. And while much of the attention is focused on obesity and diabetes, digestive disease—including irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease—is emerging as a silent epidemic.

In this interactive session, we will begin with an orientation to this new food landscape and the psychological, industrial and economic factors that have transformed our eating habits. We will discuss which foods are most detrimental to our risk of obesity and chronic disease and therapeutic approaches to digestive disease. And what would a presentation on nutrition be without a little myth busting and fad-diet bashing? We will close with discussions on how to improve the quality of our diets at the personal, employee wellness and organizational level.

Desiree Nielsen
Registered Dietician, Author


​Finding your TRIESSENCE

Registration code: PC08


If you want to better yourself, get empowered, live your life to its fullest potential, help get your passion back or stop sabotaging yourself, your relationships or your greatness, then this workshop might be just for you! The definition of TRIESSENCE is the perfect balance between the three essential elements of your true essence—physical, mental and spiritual. The perfect balance of your true essence brings you to the fullest expression of yourself, which can result in an increase in happiness, fulfilling relationships, health, success, love and joy. 

In this workshop you will gain insight into what is not serving you and let it go and what new decisions you’d like to incorporate moving forward in order to have less unhappiness and more fulfillment in your life. Start living your life to your fullest potential, and embrace your greatness at home or in the workplace!

Tessa Todd Morgan
Certified Yoga Instructor, Professional Speaker/Trainer