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A Blueprint for Completing 1095-C Reporting To Make a "Good-Faith Effort"



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​RECORDED – A Blueprint for Completing 1095-C Reporting To Make a "Good-Faith Effort"
     December 7, 2016 3:00 - 4:30 PM ET

While the IRS took away its stick (certain IRS penalties for incorrect 1095-C forms) and replaced it with a carrot ("good-faith efforts"), the collective exhale felt throughout HR and Finance departments was felt throughout America. Now that the IRS extends "good-faith efforts” the likelihood of submitting the forms and filings without penalties could be a very dangerous belief. In fact, the IRS still has earmarked collections in the billions, and at some future point in time, the IRS will be sending out IRS penalty notices. The BIG question is are you prepared to 1) Pay the penalty, 2) Put your job at risk, and 3) Deal with irate employees because their accountant told them their form was wrong.

This webinar will look into the "best practices" you need to do to not just "submit" your 1095-C forms, but make sure you do your best to submit them accurately and in good-faith. While we're not providing any legal interpretation of what it means to show "good-faith" we'll explore what we do every day with clients to make sure their employee information provided is accurate and coded properly.

For example, we'll take you through a number of questions you should ask your vendor or your internal HR team that is completing these forms before and after the forms are completed. We'll show you what to look out for, potential inconsistencies in Line 14 and 16, and a number of other hints and tips.

Key Takeaways:

  1. An actionable set of internal controls that can be used to help mitigate 1095/1094 risk.
  2. A blueprint for 1095/1094 Quality Assurance.
  3. A 1095/1094 Risk Assessment methodology
  4. A list of good and bad “good-faith” operating examples




Howard Gerver [view bio]
ACA Managed Services
New York, NY


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