Council of Atlantic Premiers to Harmonize an Additional Six Trades in the Apprenticeship Harmonization Project

The Council of Atlantic Premiers (CAP) announced it will harmonize an additional six trades in the Apprenticeship Harmonization Project.

Led by the CAP, the Atlantic Apprenticeship Harmonization Project is designed to standardize the requirements for apprentices in 16 trades across Atlantic Canada. It will also increase the efficiency of the apprenticeship system across the Atlantic region.

Under the first phase of the project, the Government of Canada invested $6.6 million to harmonize ten trades across the Atlantic provinces. These trades are bricklayer, cook, welder, metal fabricator, construction electrician, industrial electrician, carpenter, instrumentation and control technician, plumber and steamfitter-pipefitter. They were selected based on factors including the mobility of the trade, related trades and volume of apprentices as well as the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship’s national harmonization plans.

Building on the success of the harmonization of the initial ten trades, CAP will now harmonize an additional six trades.​