RPD Updates Registered Pension Plans Forms

​The Registered Plans Directorate (RPD) has updated several forms relative to Registered Pension Plans (RPPs) administration.

T244, Registered Pension Plan Annual Information Return
RPP administrators must file Form T244 with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) within 180 days after the end of the plan's fiscal period.

T510, Application to Register a Pension Plan
Pension plan administrators must fill out the T510 when asking to register a pension plan under subsection 147.1(2) of the Income Tax Act.

T2011, Registered Pension Plan Change of Information Form
T2011 is used for a change of address of the pension plan administrator or the contact person of the pension plan administrator. Use Form T920, Application to Amend a Registered Pension Plan, when there is a change of plan administrator, trustee, or insurer.

T2014, Request for a Priority Review of a Registered Pension Plan
Use the T2014 when requesting the RPD to give priority to a registered pension plan submission. Provide the reason for the priority review in section 4. Every effort is made to accommodate requests. Automatic priority is given to termination submissions and new applications for registration.