Talking Benefits


Talking Benefits

​International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans resident benefits pros Julie Stich, Kelli Kolsrud and Justin Held share the hottest employee benefits news, industry trends and legislative developments covering everything from retirement, pensions and 401(k)s to health care costs, ACA compliance and wellness.

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Meet the Team


Kelli Kolsrud, CEBS

Director, Research and Publications at the International Foundation

Working in the International Foundation Information Center for 25 years keeps Kelli on the cutting edge of all things benefits. Leading a staff of benefits specialists who research member information requests gives her a direct line of sight into the current needs of the benefits industry. In recent years, she’s been riding the roller coaster of health care reform, trying to stay on top of the ups and downs of the Affordable Care Act.

When she gets away from her work, Kelli’s focus often shifts to the United Kingdom. Favorite free time activities include exploring her newfound Scottish ancestry, watching Outlander and immersing herself in Jane Austen novels.


Julie Stich, CEBS

Associate Vice President, Content at the International Foundation

Julie puts her 25 years of benefits knowledge to good use at the International Foundation. She writes, speaks and presents on benefits, compensation, human resources and financial literacy and serves as the International Foundation spokesperson on benefits issues.

A history buff, Julie enjoys traveling to major U.S. landmarks. She is also a life-long Trekker, and will correct you if you mistakenly call her a “Trekkie.”  


Justin Held, CEBS

Senior Research Analyst at the International Foundation

Justin could be considered a newbie compared to his more seasoned Talking Benefits cohosts, but one conversation with him and you’ll see just how much experience he has packed into his nine years in the International Foundation Research Department. As chief survey data number cruncher, he has a solid grasp on what our members are thinking.

Justin loves everything baseball, visiting and checking off ballparks as he travels. He can shake any bad mood caused by a Brewers’ loss by going for a good, long run.