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Author: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Copyright: 2016 Publisher: International Foundation Item #: 7815E

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Practical guidance for anyone involved in building a financial wellness or financial education program in the workplace. Besides helping you identify what your organization is already doing to promote the financial well-being of workers, plan participants and their families, this report provides step-by-step instructions for implementing a personal finance education program. Among the topics addressed are:

  • Signs of financial distress in the workplace
  • How financial distress negatively impacts workers, their families, benefit plans and the workplace
  • Assessing worker financial education needs and program preferences
  • Getting leadership buy-in and support for new initiatives
  • Establishing program objectives that are realistic and measurable
  • Program delivery options (e.g., workshops, on-line instruction, individual support)
  • Sources of free financial educational materials
  • How to choose a financial education provider
  • Marketing financial wellness programs and events
  • How to protect the privacy of individuals
  • Overcoming the stigma associated with personal financial challenges and program participation
  • Measuring program effectiveness and gathering participant feedback for program improvement.

E-book available for downloading for 96 hours following purchase.

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