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Author: Cary Franklin, Paul L. Graf, Jeffrey J. MacLean, Craig A. Voelker Published: 11/23/2015 Copyright: 2015 Product Number: 15VB2

Learn the latest strategies in managing your pension funds from industry experts. This three-part video presentation package was recorded at the 61st Annual Employee Benefits Conference. Each session is 1 hour 15 minutes long.

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Pension Funding Basics
Craig A. Voelker, EA, FSA, MAAA, O'Sullivan Associates, Inc.

  • ​The purpose of valuations, 5500s and auditor reports
  • What are the trustees’ responsibilities?
  • What are the various funding measurements and what do they mean?
  • ​How are assumptions selected?
  • Review of the components in a valuation report
  • Assembling and reading 5500s
  • Key sections in auditor reports.

Managing Pension Risk
Paul L. Graf, ASA, EA, MAAA, Rael & Letson
Jeffrey J. MacLean, Versus Investments

  • What is a risk management strategy and what is its purpose in a portfolio?
  • How actuaries and investment consultants view risk differently
  • Risk and changing demographics
  • Distinguishing between being proactive or reactive
  • Determining a pertinent time horizon
  • What are the roles of trustees, consultants and managers?
  • Review of best practices
  • Chicken or the egg?—The interest assumption.

​​ ​

Understanding the Actuary's Math
Cary Franklin, EA, FSA, Horizon Actuarial Services, LLC

  • How present values are calculated
  • •Key valuation components––Accrued liability––Normal cost
  • Actuarial rules of thumb
  • How changes in benefits affect long-term costs
  • How is your actuary using the improved mortality tables?
  • Deterministic and stochastic forecasts.


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