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A combination of powerful financial and demographic forces has made retirement security a topic of enormous concern in many parts of the world. Unless a broad range of actions is taken, many say the consequences will be far-reaching and play out for decades to come. Published by the International Foundation, this report examines the factors that have led to concerns regarding retirement security, assess the extent to which there is a problem facing future Canadian retirees and explore the implications for Canadian workers, employers and plan administrators (Sections I through III). Understanding these elements is essential to developing efficient and rational retirement income security programs. The other aim of this report is to enlighten employers and plan administrators regarding the critical role they can plan in helping workers achieve a secure retirement (Section IV). This report brings together in one source many of the workplace strategies that have been identified as successful in achieving five goals:

  • Helping worker determine their retirement needs and where they stand
  • Getting workers enrolled and saving for retirement
  • Helping workers make prudent investment decisions
  • Helping workers stay on track to meet their retirement objectives
  • Assisting those near retirement to make the transition.

Near the end of the report is a special section summarizing communication strategies that support a successful retirement security program.

E-book available for downloading for 96 hours following purchase.

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