Submit Your Book Ideas

If you would like to write a book for publication see the following guidelines or contact the Publications Department.

Send Your Proposal

Send proposals to the Publications Department. We make our initial decisions based on brief outlines. If you are interested in writing a book, please submit a one-to-four-page typed outline. Indicate the nature and scope of each chapter as well as significant appendixes. Also tell us:

  • Your proposed title
  • Anticipated length of the manuscript
  • Titles of any previous books or articles
  • Briefly why your treatment of the subject will be unique
  • Briefly where/how you will collect and verify the factual information that you will be including
  • Briefly why you are particularly qualified to write a book on this subject.

What Happens Next?

You may anticipate our initial response to your proposal within one month. If we are interested in potentially publishing the book, we will send you an autobiographical questionnaire that will help us in preparing future promotional material. At that time, we may request samples of your previous work. Next, we will begin our formal review process. We will inform you of our decision as soon as possible after the review.

Sign a Book Agreement

Our basic agreement gives the author a standard royalty from our net receipts (after discounts and refunds) from all of our sales of the book. There is also a standard royalty paid for each copy of the work distributed without charge (excluding those distributed for advertising/promotional purposes and the copies provided to the author). We will also require you to sign a copyright transfer agreement that will enable us to disseminate the work to the fullest extent.

What About the Manuscript?

A completion date for the final version of your manuscript will be specified in your contract. Failure to meet this deadline could result in delays in publication or production. After we receive your signed contract, we will send you specific instructions for preparing the manuscript.

Work With Us

We will keep you informed of the schedule for publication of your book. An editor assigned to the project will keep you informed of our progress and give you suggestions for possible improvements and clear any major revisions with you. Our Marketing Department will seek your input for possible ideas for marketing and promotion of the book.

Mailing Address

Submit your proposals via e-mail to, fax 262-786-8780 or mail to:

Bookstore Administrator
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
P.O. Box 69
Brookfield, WI 53008-0069