The CEBS curriculum is designed around three specialty areas--group benefits, retirement plans and compensation management.  You earn the designations that meet your career objectives.

With the exception of CMS 2 (Course 6), there is no recommended sequence for CEBS courses.  You determine the sequence in which you take the courses and examinations based on your personal or professional needs, educational background, class availability or work experience.  Registrants should note that CMS 2--Executive Compensation and Compensation Issues assumes an understanding of the basic compensation theory and design methodology covered in CMS 1--Compensation Concepts and Principles.

The course materials, examinations and grading standards are geared to the third/fourth year of an accredited university, ensuring the high academic standards and level of academic integrity of the CEBS program.

The CEBS Program now offers four designations to choose from:

Specialty Designations

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