CEBS and Dalhousie University

CEBS has teamed with Dalhousie University to offer CEBS in Canada. Dalhousie University is an institution of international renown and plays a crucial role in higher education. Dalhousie's professional schools and facilities enjoy a reputation for excellence which extends far beyond the borders of the region and helps to attract students from many parts of the world.

Dalhousie is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, the Atlantic Association of Universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. More than 13,600 students are enrolled at Dalhousie, either full or part time. Dalhousie offers over 180 undergraduate, professional and graduate programs.

Dalhousie University
CEBS Program
1459 LeMarchant St, Suite 1303
Halifax , Nova Scotia B3H 3P8
Phone: (902) 422-7211
Fax: (902) 494-1453
E-mail: cancebs@ifebp.org


Academic Staff- Dalhousie University

Ann O'Neill
Academic Director, Canadian CEBS Program

Lissa Benjamin
Academic Associate, Canadian CEBS Program