A look at federal bills, committee hearings and agency initiatives


117th Congress


House Bills

  • Military Spouses Retirement Security Act (HR 1453)
  • Public Service Retirement Fairness Act (HR 2741)
  • Encourage Americans to Save Act (EASA) (HR 2913)   
  • Providing for retirement matching contributions by employers on account of student loan payments made by employees (HR 2917)   
  • Amending the Internal Revenue Code and ERISA to improve rules relating to retirement plans (HR 2927


  • SIMPLE Plan Modernization Act (S 1272)
  • Military Spouses Retirement Security Act (S 1273)
  • Improving Access to Retirement Savings Act (S 1703)
  • Increasing portability of and access to retirement savings, and for other purposes (S 1730)





Executive Order

Agency Initiatives and Resources

U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Reports