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Full-color reprints are available in quantities of 100 or more. We will be glad to provide a quote.

PDFs are available for posting on a website. Requests for permission to reprint or to include an International Foundation article on your website must include:

  • Your organization's name and address, and your contact information
  • Article title, magazine name, year and issue number    
  • Intended use of the article and how many copies will be produced

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Individual Articles or Back Issues

Individual Articles

International Foundation members may search for current and past International Foundation articles using the Foundation Publications Search, a database that provides article summaries as well as links to full-text articles (from 2008 through the most recent issues).

  • Articles are available to members at no charge
  • Nonmembers may purchase copies of individual articles for $20 each

For assistance with locating an article or to order individual articles, please contact the Bookstore:

Phone: (888) 334-3327, option 4

Back Issues

Individual copies may be purchased, subject to availability. Quantity discounts are available. Contact the Bookstore for more information or to place an order:

Phone: (888) 334-3327, option 4