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  • Benefits Magazine is a monthly publication designed to help readers broaden their knowledge of employee benefits issues and trends in the U.S. It includes full-length benefits articles not found in other publications and information on Foundation activities. Includes Legal & Legislative Reporter that reviews U.S. legislative developments, court cases and administrative decisions affecting the employee benefits field. It also reports on benefits-related activities of Congress and government agencies. Available in U.S. only.
  • Benefits Quarterly offers comprehensive coverage of the latest trends and innovations in benefits and compensation. This is a publication of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists and is written from the corporate perspective.
  Benefits Magazine
(including Legal & Legislative Reporter)

Published monthly.
Available in U.S. only.
Benefits Combo
Benefits Magazine published monthly and Benefits Quarterly published quarterly. Available in U.S. only.
1 Year$205
$230 /
$195 CEBS student
2 Years$310
$380 /
$310 CEBS student
3 Years$415
$530 /
$420 CEBS student

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