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      NexgenRx Inc. Administrative Services Only-Insurance; Computer/Software; Health Care-Dental Plans; Health Care-Fully Insured Products; Health Care-General; Health Care-Hearing; Health Care-Pharmacy Benefit Managers/Specialty Drugs; Health Care-Vision Plans; Other; Trust Fund Administration NexgenRx provides innovative benefits software solutions for the trades seeking self-administration capabilities. Canada’s only independent full-service technology solutions provider, NexgenRx offers: • NexAdmin®—Proprietary full front-end enrolment, eligibility, billing and hour bank administration • NexSys®—State-of-the-art drug, dental and extended health claims adjudication platform with full national provider network coverage • NexPension®—Member-based pension administration solution • NexMobile®—Provides plan members access to all of our technology solutions through their smartphones, tablets and laptops. These combined capabilities allow NexgenRx to provide complete proprietary solutions to multi-employer plans all in a seamless mobile, white-labeled, cost-effective manner. NexgenRx is committed to building partnerships with labour-based organizations looking to deliver sophisticated front-end eligibility and billing, pension administration and health benefits technology applications, at a competitive cost, that will exceed the expectations of their plan members. Contact name: Ronald C. Loucks, President and Chief Executive Officer
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