Participant Survey:

What Perks Perk You Up?

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You can’t design a benefits package that your employees will value if you don’t know what is most important to them. Consider surveying your plan participants to find out! Of course, be aware that by surveying your participants, you are setting an expectation that something may change.  Be prepared to follow through with communications about what changes you are--or are not--implementing. 

Perks Survey Suggestion Key

Step 1: Survey Your Participants

Every workforce is unique, but we’ve got sample survey questions to get you started!
Check out the survey questions below and choose which method words best for you.

Hard Copy Survey

Print this out and distribute to your workers. [Download Now]

Online Survey

Grab the copy from this document and drop it into a free survey tool such as SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo or Google Forms. The survey tool will do all the calculations and you can customize the questions and answers to work best for your organization. [Download Now]

Step 2: Analyze the Results

After you survey your employees, use this helpful list of perks suggestions to gain ideas for the benefits you might consider.

[Download now]


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