Paying It Forward, Giving Back

Attendees of the 64th Annual Employee Benefits Conference spent just a handful of days in the host city of New Orleans, but the event will have a lasting impact on the community and its residents through a charitable donation announced during the conference.

A $15,000 check from the Foundation was presented to Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RTNO), a volunteer organization that helps low-income homeowners make necessary home repairs. In accepting the donation, William Stoudt, executive director of RTNO, shared that the organization helps about 50 families a year. The average homeowner makes about $1,000 a month, so even smaller repairs are a financial burden that many of them cannot shoulder.


“Today your support empowers our organization to continue our efforts,” Stoudt said. “It puts a spotlight on our community and those across the country that continue to struggle, whether from devastating disasters or chronic poverty. Today the International Foundation joins with Rebuilding Together New Orleans in believing that everyone has a right to live in a safe and healthy place."