For Immediate Release
May 4, 2016

New Survey Finds 12% of Employers Offer Transgender-Inclusive Health Benefits

Brookfield, Wisconsin—With transgender rights on the forefront of LGBT issues, a new survey finds 12% of organizations offer transgender-inclusive health care benefits.

"Employers continue to expand their employee benefit offerings to attract the best employees—including LGBT workers," said Julie Stich, CEBS, Director of Research at the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. "Offering transgender-inclusive benefits is another step toward meeting the needs of a diverse workforce."

The soon-to-be released report, Employee Benefits Survey 2016, finds that among U.S. employer-provided health plans:

  • 8% offer gender-reassignment/affirmation surgery
  • 11% provide mental health counseling pre- and/or post-surgery
  • 9% cover prescription drug therapy (hormone replacement therapy, etc.)
  • 10% include physician visits
  • 9% cover lab tests
  • 2% include cosmetic surgery (facial feminization, Adam's apple reduction, etc.).

Not surprisingly, transgender-inclusive health benefits are offered more frequently by large rather than small employers. The survey found 27% of responding employers with 10,000 or more employees offer the benefit, whereas only 4% of those with 50 or fewer employees do. This type of benefit is also more common in the west and northeast, and among self-funded employers.

"Employees aren't just looking at potential salary when considering job options," said Stich. "Employees are looking for inclusive organizations that offer a range of benefits to serve a diverse population. I expect going forward, we'll see even more organizations offering transgender benefits as part of their overall health care offerings."

Set to be released next month, Employee Benefits Survey 2016 surveyed 577 human resources and benefits professionals, trustees, administrators and industry experts representing a wide base of U.S. organizations from nearly 20 different industries and ranging in size from fewer than 50 employees to more than 10,000.


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