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Comprehensive, online directory for employee benefits products and services

​Service Provider Directory

Used daily by thousands of International Foundation website visitors in search of new vendors, the Service Provider Directory is a comprehensive, online directory for employee benefits, compensation and human resources-related products and services. It is prominently located and easily accessed on the Foundation's website landing page.

Two types of listings are available for either 6-month or 12-month durations. A basic listing includes company name and logo, contact information, company description and link to your website. An enhanced listing includes all the aforementioned plus your logo can appear on our website home page, on the Service Provider Directory landing page and with a link to a download-able brochure.

​Feature ​Enhanced Listing
​Basic Listing
​Company logo featured on main landing page
​Unlimited category listings
​Link to downloadable brochure
​Company name and logo in listing
​Company address, phone and fax number
​Contact person name and e-mail
​75-word company description
​Link to your website
​Three category listings
6 months 12 months
Basic Ad
Foundation Member $450 $850
Nonmember $600 $850
Enhanced Ad
Foundation Member $700 $1,250
Nonmember $850

Our Core Audience

Our core membership audience and the primary readers of our publications come from multiemployer trust funds—though we also serve corporate and public employee markets. Multiemployer trust funds ensure employees have benefits coverage in industries where they are required to be mobile and may switch employers often, such as construction, trades, hotel, service and entertainment industries. These funds are governed by a board of labor and management trustees that has the authority and discretion to manage assets of the fund and purchase benefit goods and services. Trustee responsibilities include:

• Hiring an administrator, attorneys, accountants, actuaries, consultants, pension and investment managers and others to provide advice in the management of benefit plans

• Purchasing health, dental and vision insurance; pharmacy benefits; life, disability and fiduciary insurance; retirement plans; work and family benefits; and more.

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