The Future of ACA
The latest on ACA repeal and replace efforts. Learn what it takes to change the law, what’s happened so far, and provisions for plan sponsors.​

​Executive order to minimize burden of ACA issued
January 20, 2017
House bill passed
May 4, 2017
Senate rejects 3 bills: Repeal & Replace, Repeal Only and Skinny Repeal
July 25-28, 2017
Senate abandons Graham-Cassidy Bill
September 26, 2017
2nd executive order and HHS directive issued
October 12, 2017​​​​​
President Trump signs tax bill into law, repealing the individual mandate
December 22, 2017
Delays for Cadillac tax, medical device tax and health insurance tax enacted by short-term appropriations bill
January 22, 2018

What does it take to change the law?

What has happened so far?

What now for Plan Sponsors?