Educational Assistance Benefits: 2015 Survey Results

educational-assistance-survey-results-cover.jpgEducational assistance programs continue to gain steam with several large companies—McDonald's, Starbucks, and Chipotle all recently added or expanded their tuition reimbursement programs. The International Foundation administered a survey to find out why this classic employee benefit has remained so popular.

About five in six (83%) organizations offer some sort of educational assistance or tuition reimbursement benefit to their employees. Their top reasons for offering educational benefits are to:

  • Retain current employees (52.1%)
  • Maintain/increase employee satisfaction and loyalty (42.6%)
  • Keep employees current on evolving skill sets required for organization (41.1%)
  • Attract future talent (26.6%)
  • Maintain/increase innovation (14.2%)
  • Maintain/increase productivity (13.5%)

Almost 75% of organizations say their educational assistance offerings are successful.  Forty-five percent of programs were successful  in retaining current employees, 44.3% kept employees current on evolving skill sets required for the organization, 39.4% maintained/increased employee satisfaction and loyalty, 15.6% attracted future talent and 12.8% maintained/increased productivity and innovation.

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