9125 - The Retirement Survival Guide



Part I Understanding the Basics

Chapter 1 Achieving a Secure Retirement

Chapter 2 Your Personal Cash Flow

Chapter 3 Sources of Retirement Income

Chapter 4 Income from Social Security

Chapter 5 Will Your Money Last as Long as You Do?

Chapter 6 Can You Improve Your Situation?

Chapter 7 Enter the Financial Advisor


Part II Security for Sale: Evaluating Retirement-Income Products

Chapter 8 Guaranteed Lifelong Income

Chapter 9 Creating Your Own Personal Pension

Chapter 10 The Promise of Gain with No Pain: Equity-Indexed or Fixed Annuities

Chapter 11 It’s Not Too Late to Catch Up: The Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit

Chapter 12 Guaranteed Withdrawals So You Don’t Run Out of Money: The Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefit, or GMWB

Chapter 13 Certificate of Deposit: Not All CDs Are Created Equal

Chapter 14 Cashing Out of Your Home


Part III Investing In Your Future: Retirement-Income Planning and the Markets

Chapter 15 Tax-Deferred Account Decisions

Chapter 16 Making the Stock Market Work for You


Part IV Pulling It All Together: Uncle Same, Your Advisor, and You.

Chapter 17 Taxes in Retirement

Chapter 18 Taking Money Out of IRAs and Other Tax-Deferred Accounts

Chapter 19 Sales Tactics, Scams, and Bad Advice: A “Perfect Storm” of Disaster for Retirees

Chapter 20 Do You Need a Retirement Income Advisor?

Chapter 21 The Finish Line


Part V More Retirement Resources

Appendix A Prospective Adviser Notepad

Appendix B Client Reference Notepad

Appendix C Quick-Test Factors for Different Retirement Periods and Rates of Return

Appendix D Retirement Income Management: A Case Study

Appendix E Bibliography


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