​Top Trends in Apprenticeship Programs

2018 Survey Results

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​This new report provides an up-to-date analysis of U.S and Canadian apprenticeship programs including the challenges faced by programs and apprentices, recruitment and retention initiatives, life skills training opportunities, program communication strategies and more.

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​The Top Five Apprenticeship Program Challenges Over the Next Two Years

low levels of quality candidates, government oversight, communicating value of trades to stakeholders and prospects, retirees 

​The Top Five Apprentice Challenges Over the Next Two Years
As Perceived by Apprenticeship Program Representatives

unemployment, long hours, less job security, opioid abuse, unemployment

61% of apprenticeship programs offer life skills training initiatives

most common communication methods are email messages, printed materials on-site and sent to homes, texting

Apprenticeship programs are making concerted efforts to recruit a diverse workforce including






Military members/veterans


Aboriginal/Native American populations